We love doing weddings and we have great churches in which to be married.  We will help and support you thoughout the process and afterwards so that everything goes beautifully on your big day.  There are some legal formalities to consider, but the Wedding Clerk will go through these with you.  So, if you're ready to start the process, your next step is to contact our Wedding Clerk, Jane Wain by e-mail using the preceding link or by telephone on 01242 604296.

We know that people seek inspiration for their weddings from a variety of sources, so we have listed some of our favoutites below, including some suggestions about music from our own Director of Music.

There is also lots of information available about Church of England weddings at, as well as   And if you would like to know what dates have already been booked for weddings, have a look at our Wedding Bookings page.


Suggested Order of Service Car parking
Selected Bible readings Additional Bible readings
Music for Weddings and Blessings  Video Contract


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