September 2017 PCC Meeting

Winchcombe Parochial Church Council

Minutes of the Meeting held on 18th September 2017 at 7.30 pm

at Winchcombe Abbey Primary School.

Present: John Paul Hoskins JPH (chair), Geof Adlington GA (Treasurer), Margaret Bearne MB, Nigel Bearne NB, Stephen Carter SC, Sara Collins SDC (secretary), Susan Fleck SF, Rosemary Hancock RH, Penny Kain PK, Sue Pestell SP, Susan Teggert ST, Alan Thomas AT Trevor Upton TU (Methodist Observer), Jane Wain JW.

Apologies received from: Stewart Aylward SA Gwyneth Cocks GC, Rob Davies RD, Janet Dufton JD (Methodist Observer), Tom Hancock TH, Graham Taylor GT





Opening Prayer & Bible Study: JPH thanked everyone for coming.  He opened the meeting with prayers, which were followed by a study of Luke 7: 1-10



Apologies for Absence: See above



Matters Arising:

-3 Staircase railings at Christ Church, Gretton: No further information

-7.2: Pioneer Minister Post: David Thomas is attending tonight’s meeting to update the PCC

-8.1 Church drive: discuss at 8.1

-8.5 St Peters’ clock: discuss at 8.5

Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting, held on 18.07.2017, were approved.



Consideration of the agenda:

The statutory electrical inspection was added to the agenda at 8.8. The report on the Winchcombe Ecumenical partnership and Tom Hancock’s report for the Stewards were added at 12b and 12c respectively.



Correspondence, News & Notices:



SDC has circulated all emails to the PCC as and when they arrived.



Staffing & Appointments:



Pioneer Minister: David Thomas (DT) attended the meeting to update the PCC. He has spoken to other Pioneer Ministers. The cost of an ordained Minister would be about £50,000 per year. An application for funding has been made to the Sylvanus Lysons Trust and the Diocesan Development fund; David has encouraged the two to share their plans. The Diocesan Development Fund have said that they need more information, but have not yet said what; they are meeting again in early November. The Sylvanus Lysons Trust are meeting at the end of October. JPH noted that other Parishes have advertised for similar posts; experience and the applicant’s skills set are the most important things. JPH thanked DT for all his hard work and for attending the meeting.






7.1 2017 Forecast: Circulated by email prior to meeting.  The surplus against budget is mainly due to the fact that several of the Teachers’ House loans have been gifted to the Parish which gives an income boost (7.3). The non-recurring grants on line 10 relate to the driveway works; the major repairs on line 60 also relate mainly to the drive works, although the actual amount is uncertain. Item 58: Sundry expenses: chairs; the cost of which are covered by grants. Expenses do not yet include clock costs (which could be £1,600) or potential Lady Chapel heating costs.

7.2 Annual Accounts Examiner: Jennifer Soltau has agreed to take on this role. The examiner would normally be appointed at the APCM; instead we need to call an extraordinary meeting. This could be held after a service; the next community meeting would be an appropriate time. JPH to confirm the date.

7.3 Teachers’ House Loans: £13,150 has been gifted, £9,000 has been repaid and the remaining £2,000 needs confirmation as to whether it is a gift or needs repaying.














8.1 Church Drive – update: Works are nearly completed; it will take one day to put on the top surface (probably at the end of September – the weather needs to be dry); it can then be used after 48 hours. All funding has been agreed and received.

8.2 Christ Church Angels: SF reported that a £500 grant has been received from the Dent Brocklehurst Trust. It has been decided not to apply to the William and Jane Morris fund as the cost of obtaining the services of an architect would outweigh the benefits. There is currently a shortfall of about £1,000 in the Gretton restricted fund. JPH suggested that as this is a maintenance (but not essential maintenance) issue, half the shortfall could be paid by the PCC and the other half treated as a loan from the PCC to the restricted fund – to be repaid through future fundraising. The meeting agreed to this proposal. GT has received a written confirmation for the work, which will take about two months – during which scaffolding will be in place. As there are no forthcoming weddings it was agreed that the work should start as soon as possible in order to finish by Christmas.

8.3 Choir Stands: Quotes for oak stands have come in at £2,800 for a single and £5,400 for a double. PK explained that they had not envisaged oak stands, which are very expensive. Stained pine could work; maybe using the old pews. They may need to be fixed for health and safety reasons, but this would require a faculty. MB and NB to consider options which meet health and safety, faculty and cost issues.

8.4 Notice Boards – St Peters’ South Wall: On order at approximately £370. To be positioned on the wall, near the font, freestanding, flush to wall. They will be the principle notice boards to inform people of what we are doing.

8.5 Clock: MB reported that just one company is able to repair the chiming mechanism; Smiths of Derby. They have quoted £1,574 plus VAT. The VAT could potentially be claimed back, but this can only be done for one project/year. RH suggested sending a letter to the Community appealing for funds – although this may best be done for a larger project. There has been some community feedback in favour of the chimes; the PCC agreed that it is worth carrying out the repairs. SDC to write to the friends of St Peters requesting a contribution towards the repair. JPH will write an article for the magazine. The work should be completed before November 12th, or started after that date so that the clock will chime for Remembrance Sunday.


8.6 Heating in the Lady Chapel: This was discussed at the F&GP Meeting; the heating in this area is not sufficient, but there is concern that the boiler does not have enough capacity for additional heaters. GA informed the meeting that the heating engineer came out on Monday and has confirmed that the boiler has plenty of capacity to run another heater; he will provide a quote for fixing one up. The electricians have also been asked to quote for installing halogen heaters. AT noted that there are implications for each type of system; the F&GP need to consider these in more detail and bring back to the PCC. The overall heating system needs looking at and may need completely overhauling. It could be beneficial to have the heating on low at all times to warm the stone, and then boost it when needed.

8.7 Sound System: The microphone re-wiring will be done this Thursday. JPH recorded thanks to RD for all his hard work.

8.8 Statutory Electrical Inspection: This needs doing every five years and is now overdue. GA has obtained quotes of £1,600 and £900. The lower quote is from the firm who did the earlier work. A further £500 needs to be spent on switchboards & circuits in the St Peters Centre; however this is not essential and will be included in next year’s budget. GA to ask GT about the situation at Christ Church, Gretton.











































Safeguarding: JPH has received a letter from Lynne Banks; all members of the PCC need a DBS check. Jill Worthington will send a link to all PCC members and she or Lynne will need to see certain documents. There is no charge to individuals or to the Parish.



Health & Safety: Nothing to report



Youth & Children: JPH: The Toddler service currently takes place once a fortnight; Liz would like to hold it weekly. The summer tea parties were well attended. Choir: Fiona Brown has received a good response to her recent appeal for new choir members. SP noted that more helpers are needed for the Sunday children’s groups. There are currently several gaps on the rota and groups may need to merge. JPH thanked SP for overseeing these groups. He has had a conversation with Joe Wetherall, the Diocesan youth officer, who may be able to come and meet with the group leaders. There may be opportunities to provide leaders with some training to support their work. 



Business from:



12.1 Christ Church, Gretton: Discussed above; SF added that the cost of repairs is £3,139 excl VAT. This includes £500 for the repair of the Pallister which can be deferred until next year.

12.2 St Michael’s, Stanley Pontlarge: Octavo put on a successful concert last Friday raising £300 for the Friends of St Michaels.

12.3 St Mary’s, Sudeley: The last 3.30 service of the year was held yesterday. The wall alms box has been emptied; takings are slightly down.







Winchcombe Ecumenical Partnership Report: The partnership council commissioned this report, which was carried out earlier in the summer. There was a good response. Barbara Bridges undertook the review on their behalf, collated the responses and produced a report – JPH circulated hard copies to the PCC.

Main points: People like the shared services; communication could be better; there is confusion about the WEP and Churches Together.

Main recommendation: Should the Churches be putting their efforts in to WEP and Churches Together, or focus on one.

The partnership council received the report this afternoon and felt strongly that the PCC and Methodist Church council should consider dissolving the WEP and focussing on Churches Together. SC to circulate the report electronically for discussion at the next PCC meeting.











Steward’s Report: RH read this out on TH’s behalf. This year there have been 6,844 visitors from 53 countries. They are finding the map very interesting. There is a talk in St Peters this Thursday (September 21st) for the Stewards from Sara Reader of the Cheltenham Open Door project. All are welcome and there will be refreshments beforehand. This is hopefully the first in a series of talks/information meetings for the Stewards and wider community.



Dates of Future Meetings:



Forthcoming PCC Meetings: 20th November, 15th January, 19th March. (Monday evenings at 7.30 pm in Winchcombe Abbey School).

F&GP Meetings in 2017:13th October, 8th December.  (3.30 pm; St Peter’s Centre).

2018 Dates: 6/7/18: Choir concert

                    7/7/18: Patronal Festival and Church Fete



The meeting closed at 9.30 pm with Prayers & The Grace.



Approved: _______________________________________________Date: ____________________



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