March 2017 PCC Meeting

Winchcombe Parochial Church Council

Minutes of the Meeting held on 20th March 2017 at 7.15 pm

at Winchcombe Abbey Primary School.

Present:                  John Paul Hoskins JPH (chair), Geof Adlington GA, Stewart Aylward SA, Margaret Bearne MB (secretary), Nigel Bearne NB, Stephen Carter SC, Rob Davies RD, Rosemary Hancock RH, Tom Hancock TH, Margaret Jarvis MJ, Graham Taylor GT, Susan Teggert ST, Alan Thomas AT, Trevor Upton TU (Methodist Observer), Jane Wain JW, Sara Collins SDC (observer).

Apologies received from: Cliff Cocks CC, Janet Dufton JD (Methodist Observer), Tim Hall TGH, Julia Hook JAH, Sue Pestell SP, James Pickersgill JsP, Arthur Ruddock AR, Martin Soltau MS, Kate Stebbings KS.





Opening Prayer & Bible Study:



JPH thanked everyone for coming and welcomed Sara Collins, who is taking over as PCC Secretary at the APCM.  JPH opened the meeting with prayers, which were followed by a study of Luke 1, 26-38.



Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting held on 16.01.2017 were approved.

Matters Arising: There were no matters arising that are not covered on the present agenda.



Consideration of the agenda:

The meeting will proceed in the order of the agenda.



Correspondence, News & Notices:



4.1 MB reported that she had circulated all emails to the PCC as and when they arrived.

4.2 A letter from the Diocese together with leaflets was received on 21st February re a key event planned for the 10th June at Hartpury College ‘Christian Mission in Rural Communities’.  The leaflets are at the back of St Peter’s.

4.3 A letter and poster re ‘Ride & Stride’ from Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust was circulated.  The parish has not participated in this since Michael Hand gave up the banner.  It was suggested that Mike Ferris might be willing to co-ordinate this, which takes place over a weekend in September.  SA will approach him.

4.4 The Lent lunch on 24th March at 12 noon is in aid of Air Ambulance; please support this very worthy cause.

4.5 A reminder of a talk at Holy Trinity Church, Tewkesbury, 28th March at 7.30 pm when Ben & Melanie Gow will be talking about their work with refugees in Calais, Greece & Turkey.

4.5 Bob Pragnell, the Fees treasurer, is not well at present and has very poor short term memory, his son has asked that he be relieved of his church responsibilities for the moment.  Joan doesn’t drive so they will need support and pastoral care.  GA has collected Bob’s laptop and is covering the fees treasurer work for the time being.










Staffing & Appointments:



5.1 JPH reported that SP has just agreed to take over the administration, rotas, etc. for Junior Church.



Meetings, Leadership Team



A brief paper was circulated before the meeting on JPH’s thoughts about meetings, their respective roles and functions.  He is proposing to establish a Leadership Team to work with him sharing the task of Leadership in Mission and Ministry to fill the gap between the work of the PCC and staff meetings.  JPH proposes that this team will comprise of the clergy, churchwardens and some members by invitation.  After discussion, the formation of a Leadership Team was proposed by AT and seconded by SC.  All agreed.



Vision – Family Worker, update



David Thomas is coordinating a group working on a proposal for a Family Worker who they see as mainly outward looking, working with parts of the parish not connected with the church, children, young families, Messy Church, All Age Worship, Baptism families, etc.  They have a draft job description for a full-time worker, either Lay or Ordained, for a 3-year period.  This is aspirational and we would need external funding for this Pioneer Ministry.  It is proposed that a salary will be offered and not accommodation.






8.1 2016 Annual Accounts: Circulated with the agenda.  GA explained that the independent examination by Sue Williams is not yet completed.  JPH proposed that the accounts are approved subject to the independent examination being completed.  All agreed.  It was noted that should an error be found in these accounts on examination then an emergency PCC Meeting will need to be called to approve them.

8.2 2017 Budget: CirculatedThe revised budget shows a surplus of £6,950 however if half the salary of the family worker, £12,500, is included then it becomes a deficit £5,550.  GA proposed that we approve the budget, AT seconded and all agreed.

8.3 Gretton Angels: The quotations for the repair of the Angels, repainting with gold paint and scaffolding, to enable this work to be done, was circulated before the meeting.  The total cost is £2,736 which will be paid for by funds raised by the congregation of Christ Church, Gretton.  It was agreed that until they have sufficient funds to pay for the work the cost will be covered by the PCC.

A resolution to apply for a faculty for the restoration of the Gretton Angels was proposed by GA, seconded by SA and approved by all.

8.4 A resolution to change the signatories on the Fees account was proposed by RD and seconded by TH, all agreed.:

Winchcombe Team Fees A/C – replace John Partington & Sue Williams with any two of the following people: Stewart Aylward, Tim Hall, John Paul Hoskins, Alan Thomas, Bob Pragnell & Geof Adlington.



















St Mary’s, Sudeley:



Nothing to report.






A reminder about the Safeguarding Training on Wednesday April 5th from 7 to 9.30 pm in the Cleeve Room at Abbey Fields Community Centre; all members of the PCC and those in the Parish working with children, young people and vulnerable adults should attend.








11.1 St Peter’s Church Drive: A paper was circulated before the meeting explaining and detailing the work to be carried out, the timings and costings.  The logistics of closing the churchyard during this period will be discussed at the next staff meeting.




Annual Report & APCM



12.1 Most of the reports have been received and it is planned that the annual report will be printed in SPC Office next week.

12.2 Cliff Cocks, Martin Soltau and Kate Stebbings will have completed their 3-year term of office and with 2 resignations, Lynne Horton & Jane Houston, there will be 5 vacancies on the PCC.

12.3 The 4 members of the Deanery Synod are also up for re- election.  The current members are Nigel Bearne, Tom Hancock, Margaret Jarvis and Alan Thomas.

12.4 The APCM takes place at St Peter’s Church after the 10.30 Service on Sunday 30th April and will be followed by a ‘Bring & Share’ lunch.







Business from:



13.1 Christ Church, Gretton: Nothing else to report apart from the Angels under finance.

13.2 St Michael’s, Stanley Pontlarge: The Friends of St Michaels are holding a tea party on April 19th as a thank you to the Cotswold Wardens who have given their time and talents freely to repair and rebuild parts of the Cotswold Stone Wall around the churchyard.

Thanks go to Anne Dean for organising a talk and demonstration at St Michaels on historic church maintenance/restoration by people from SPAB (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings).  It was excellent & well attended by people from the parish and wider team.

13.3 St Mary’s, Sudeley: The summer monthly services restart on 23rd April at 3.30 pm.  GA reported that all the exterior doors have been treated with linseed oil.



Dates of Future Meetings:



PCC Meetings in 2017: 22nd May, 24th July, 18th September, and 20th November. (Monday evenings at 7.15 pm in Winchcombe Abbey School).

F&GP Meetings in 2017: 31st March, 16th June, 25th August, 13th October, 8th December.  (3.30 pm in St Peter’s Centre).

Other 2017 Dates: APCM 30th April, Choir Concert 30th June, St Peter’s Summer Fete 2nd July.



The meeting closed at 9.20 pm with Prayers & The Grace.



Approved: _______________________________________________Date: ____________________


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