July 2017 PCC Meeting

Winchcombe Parochial Church Council

Minutes of the Meeting held on 24th July 2017 at 7.30 pm

at Winchcombe Abbey Primary School.

Present: John Paul Hoskins JPH (chair), Geof Adlington GA (Treasurer), Stewart Aylward SA Margaret Bearne MB, Nigel Bearne NB, Stephen Carter SC, Sara Collins SDC (secretary),  Rob Davies RD, Rosemary Hancock RH, Tom Hancock TH, Penny Kain PK, Susan Teggert ST, Alan Thomas AT Trevor Upton TU (Methodist Observer).

Apologies received from: Gwyneth Cocks GC, Janet Dufton JD (Methodist Observer), Susan Fleck SF, Julia Hook JAH, Sue Pestell SP, Graham Taylor GT, Jane Wain JW





Opening Prayer & Bible Study



JPH thanked everyone for coming.  He opened the meeting with prayers, which were followed by a study of Matthew 20 v.20-28



Apologies for Absence: See above



Matters Arising:

  • 6.3 Margaret Jarvis and Mary Scott are the reps for WEP, and Julia Hook and Carol Harris for CTW.
  • 10.2 Communion rails: sorted.
  • 13.1 Staircase railings at Christchurch, Gretton: SA to pursue.

Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting held on 22.05.2017 were approved subject to the following amendments:

 - 8.2 Chairs: In position, shelves added and bill paid – with a significant

      contribution from the Friends of St Peters.

  • 13.2 St Michael’s, Stanley Pontlarge: Evensong service on 30th July at 3.30. (Not 23rd July).







Consideration of the agenda:

The pioneer Minister post was added to the agenda at 7.2.  The Church clock and smart water were added as 8.5 and 8.6 respectively.



Correspondence, News & Notices:



SDC has circulated all emails to the PCC as and when they arrived.

JPH reported that there is currently no Deanery Synod Lay Chair; Anna Venables is covering the role and the new Chair will be elected in the autumn. JPH is currently covering the Area Dean post.

TH updated the PCC on Church visitor numbers: This year to June there were 3972 visitors from 50 countries, down 102 from last year’s 4084 from 41 countries. There is 1 new Church watch volunteer, but more are needed. JPH noted that the visitor map is very interesting; TH later thanked RD, and noted that it needs more pins.



Staffing & Appointments:



Chris Haslam and Fliss Hall are due to be licensed as Readers in October. JPH needs to draw up a working agreement with them (and the other Readers). The PCC also needs to give their support to their licensing and encourage, uphold and nurture them in their ministry. This was proposed by JPH; the meeting agreed unanimously.






7.1 Half year accounts: Circulated by email prior to meeting.  The surplus against budget is mainly due to the fact that the chairs have not yet been paid for; this surplus will be much lower at the end of the next quarter. There has been an unexpected additional £450 for organ repairs.

GA reported that the toilet has now been sorted out – the problem was caused by an open drain. There has also been extra gift aid claimed as the rules and amounts have changed.

SA asked if the Parish share is on track. Yes: against the £70,200 we have committed to. SA noted that there has been no formal acknowledgement from the Diocese that we don’t have to pay the full £94,000 that was allocated to Winchcombe Parish for 2017. JPH commented that the discussion is at Deanery level. A one off payment will be made which will clear the accumulated Parish share debt which related to the amount which remained outstanding for 2016– this will not help future shortfalls so there needs to be some acknowledgement from the Diocese that this is not owed by us.

7.2 Pioneer Minister Post: An application for funds was made to the Diocesan Development fund in time for their meeting in early July. They have deferred their decision until the next meeting as they need more information. An application has also been made to the Sylvanus Lysons Trust; their next meeting is also in the autumn. SA suggested inviting David Thomas to the next PCC or F&GP meeting if he has more information; JPH to ask him.



















8.1 Church Drive – update: SA reported that work has started; the first stage should be finished by the end of next week – this means that a significant payment will be due by mid-August. AT is liaising with the grant-making authorities; SA thanked him for his support. As the work has gone ahead without the Town Council grant, the Friends of St Peters have kindly offered an additional £6,000, taking their total contribution to £20,000. SA will write a letter of thanks in time for their next meeting on 3rd August.

Disabled access: The gates should be open at weekends to allow access to Church. This did not happen last weekend, but SA has spoken to the contractors to ensure they are left open in the future.

SA reported that he and AT have decided that it would be useful to have a third person involved when dealing with the contractors as issues often arise that require a quick decision. They have approached Steve Williams (SW) who did a lot of the preparatory work and he has agreed to support them.

There have been problems with the flood lighting – the cables were severed early in the project (they were not buried deeply underground).

The conduit (duct) has been laid. RD has been liaising with the architect to bring the cables in to Church and is meeting with Simon Walls on Tuesday 25th July. However, a decision needs to be made with regard to the termination at St Peters’ Centre – with the cables going either over the archway or under the drive. AT noted that the holding company, Old School Management Ltd (the Church and the owners of the school are shareholders) needs to be consulted before a decision can be made. AT is attempting to get hold of them. RD: There is a cost implication of an additional £1,000 if the cables go under the drive. RD, SW, SA and AT would recommend this route as it is best from an engineering point of view. There is about £600 left in the restricted fund for improving streaming which could be used. JPH asked if the decision to make this additional spend could be delegated to the F&GP. The PCC agreed.

SA reported that the West Door floodlights have been removed for the works. There is now a flat surface going to the door, so when replaced the floodlights will have to be at ground level. There is a plan in place to protect them from vehicles.

SA noted that when the first stage of the works has been finished the path will be reopened to pedestrians only. A notice will be put up to this effect and to say that the surface is a temporary one. The surface needs to cure for 28 days. The final surface can only be put down when completely dry conditions are guaranteed; the process will take a couple of days.

AT: A press release is going to the newspapers and radio. Money from the fund-raising bodies will be available by mid-August. JPH has a meeting with the Dent Brocklehurst Trust on July 5th.

SA thanked AT for all his hard work.

8.2 Christ Church Angels: SA reported that the repairs are going ahead, but the work has been postponed until November. A funding application has been made to the Dent Brocklehurst Trust. Another possible source of funds is the William and Jane Morris fund; however to get this funding the services of an architect would need to be accessed, - this would be costly. Christchurch are continuing to fund raise; yesterday’s Pimms party made £682, and the fete, £200. GA reported that the Parish has received a legacy of £500 from Norman Smith – a restriction has been placed on this legacy to use it for improvements and maintenance of Christchurch. Therefore it could be used for the angels.

8.3 St Peters’ Centre – bargeboards and facias update: GA: The work has been completed; an additional spend of £293 plus VAT was required. SA: The work looks good; £1600 came from restricted funds for the improvement of St Peter’s Centre; the remaining £1065 came from the general fund.  

8.4 SPAB Maintenance Training Days: Society for preservation of ancient buildings. Anne Dean organised a training day on 18th July 2017, based on St Peters. MB and SA: An excellent day; four groups carried out a survey of the whole Church and a maintenance plan has been developed. The 15 attendees included two from Christchurch, one from Pershore Abbey, and others from the surrounding villages. The aim of the project is that others learn from it and apply it to their own Church.

TH: Noted that he has heard that the leaded lights in the windows will deteriorate during the next 50 years. The quinquennial is due next year and will look at this.

8.5 Clock: MB reported that the clock is not striking on the quarter hour. It is due to be serviced in September; MB has asked for it to be looked at before then.

8.6 Smart Water: GA: The Church roof and lead are not smart water protected and are therefore not covered by the Ecclesiastical Insurance policy. JPH asked if GA could obtain a quote from a smart water company and bring it to the F&GP. SA asked if the PCC could authorise F&GP to agree a payment of up to £1,000. Proposed by AT and seconded by SA.





















































Safeguarding: Nothing to report



Health & Safety: RD: Cables need to be installed for the microphones at a high level. There will be loose cables and ladders/towers. JPH: The Church may need to be closed briefly; this could go on the website. RD is meeting Simon Walls tomorrow.



Youth & Children: JPH: There have been lots of Baptism enquiries recently, and a good network coming through with the Toddler Service. There are two toddler tea parties over the summer. GA commented that Messy Church is a successful outreach service, but is not happening at the moment. There is currently no one to run it.



St Peter’s Summer Fete: The financial spreadsheet has been circulated. A wash up meeting is being held on 3rd August to discuss areas that can be improved. It was felt that there were fewer visitors this year - although the takings were the same. There was a lot of passing trade and overseas visitors. Next year a flyer will be given to all the Primary School children and there will be a longer gap between the school and Church fetes. JPH thanked MB and Rachel Merritt (RM) for all their hard work.

GA asked about plans for a second shed for fete storage. JPH noted that a lot of things have been cleared from the existing shed and Penny Kimber has taken the cups, saucers and small plates to free up storage – so no need for new shed at the moment.



Business from:



13.1 Christ Church, Gretton: Discussed above

13.2 St Michael’s, Stanley Pontlarge: Evensong service on 30th July at 3.30. The choir will be there and there will be refreshments afterwards.

15/9/17: 7.00: Fundraising concert by Octavo. Funds to the Friends of St Michaels.

13.3 St Mary’s, Sudeley: 3.30 service held yesterday; 52 attended, collection was £74.83. The wall alms box is being emptied every month; takings are slightly down.

The last service is due on the 24/9/17; however JAH is being commissioned that day at Dumbleton at 4.00. Service will be brought forward to 17/9/17. RM will redo the sign at St Mary’s. A decision will be made on Evensong at St Peters on 24/9/17.

JPH noted that there are lots of Wedding blessings booked at St Mary’s this summer.











Dates of Future Meetings:



PCC Meetings in 2017: 18th September, and 20th November. (Monday evenings at 7.30 pm in Winchcombe Abbey School).

F&GP Meetings in 2017: 25th August, 13th October, 8th December.  (3.00 pm in St Peter’s Centre).

August 2017: Farewell to JAH; details to be agreed.

2018 Dates: 6/7/18: Choir concert

                    8/7/18: Patronal Festival and Church Fete



The meeting closed at 9.10 pm with Prayers & The Grace.



Approved: _______________________________________________Date: ____________________



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