January 2018 PCC Meeting

Winchcombe Parochial Church Council

Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th January 2018 at 7.30 pm

at Winchcombe Abbey Primary School.

Present: John Paul Hoskins JPH (chair), Geof Adlington GA (Treasurer), Stewart Aylward SA Margaret Bearne MB, Nigel Bearne NB, Stephen Carter SC, Sara Collins SDC (secretary),  Gwyneth Cocks GC, Rob Davies RD, Rosemary Hancock RH, Penny Kain PK, Sue Pestell SP, Susan Teggert ST, Alan Thomas AT, Trevor Upton TU (Methodist Observer), Jane Wain JW

Apologies received from: Janet Dufton JD (Methodist Observer), Susan Fleck SF, Tom Hancock TH, Graham Taylor GT.





Opening Prayer & Bible Study: JPH thanked everyone for coming.  He opened the meeting with prayers, which were followed by a study of Mark 1.4-11



Apologies for Absence: See above



Matters Arising:

  • 8.4: The repair to the clock chimes has been completed.

Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting, held on 20.11.2017, were approved subject to the following amendments (in italics):

  • Item 6: should read David Thomas (DT).
  • Item 8.7: should read: grotesque, not gargoyle
  • Item 14.1: Frank Jewer. There are new figures available for the Café Church funding (see 13.1 below).





Consideration of the agenda:

An update on the live video of services in St Peter’s Centre will be included under 8.5, Streaming.

A report from the Stewards will be included under item 13.



Correspondence, News & Notices: A donation to the PCC of £250 has been received from the Evans Adlard trust; SDC to write a letter of thanks.



Staffing & Appointments:



There is a vacancy for a foundation governor at Winchcombe Abbey Primary School. JPH has asked Lynne Banks to take on this role and she is willing be nominated. There will be another one or two vacancies in the near future.  

Pioneer Minister update: JPH reported that the Sylvanus Lysons Trust have agreed to meet about 40% of the cost (£18,000 per year for three years, paid quarterly). They will require an annual progress report. The stewards of the Diocesan Development fund have met and have agreed in principle to also meet some of the costs. However, they have questioned  why the post is full-time and how have the salary and pension costs been funded: a reply has been sent to Guy Treweek  explaining that from previous experience a part-time post does not work, and the demographics of the town are changing. Having spoken to other Pioneer Ministers it is preferable to have an Ordained Minister in the post. If Guy Treweek is satisfied he will hold an out of meeting discussion with the Stewards to agree the actual level of funding, after which point the recruitment process can start. JPH, SC, Fliss Hall, Rachel Merritt and David Thomas are meeting this Thursday (18th January) to discuss the recruitment process. JPH noted that the PCC need to agree to their share of the funding for three years so that the post can be guaranteed for that period of time.













7.1 2017 Accounts: A copy of the 2017 accounts was distributed at the meeting. SA explained that an additional £14,150 plus £3,000 has been received this year due to the writing off of Teacher’s House loans – David Thomas has suggested putting this aside to offset some of the future Pioneer Minister costs. Within expenses there is the one off cost of a new photocopier at approximately £4,000; we pay a maintenance charge within the overall cost. So far only £24,000 of the driveway costs has been paid; the remaining amount (grant income) has been taken out of income as it is not “real” income. There should be £1,000 left once costs have been paid; this is included in the 2018 budget. The gift aid figure is lower this year due to the fact that gift aid can now only be recovered on donations received directly through the Parish. The net Parochial Fees income is also lower due to a lower number of weddings last year.

7.2 Parish Share: JPH and SA have met with the Area Dean and other Deanery representatives to say that they have the authority to pay £75,000 of Parish Share. They also gave £3,600 to clear the previous deficit.

7.3 2018 Budget: The 2018 Budget was also distributed at the meeting. Teachers’ House and quinquennial costs are estimated. The £75,000 discussed above gives a large overall Budget deficit. It is hoped that the Friends could be asked to contribute towards the quinquennial costs. Alternatively there could be additional fund-raising or a request to the Community/Parish to fund a specific project. Budget proposed by SA; seconded by MB. Carried by meeting with one abstention.  

7.4 Public Liability Insurance (PLI): SA suggested that when we ask performers to perform in the Churches we should not require them to have public liability insurance. Martin Gorman books these events. He would like PCC agreement that they do not need PLI unless a risk is perceived. Our PLI does not cover visiting performers. AT noted that if a visiting performer injured a member of the audience the Church would then be liable. RD commented that PLI is not expensive; about £80 per year. The event could take out PLI. SA felt that this was not appropriate. RD also noted that equipment used should be PAT tested. ST asked if we could have a disclaimer. RD will make further enquiries.

It was noted that Octavio are due to perform in Christchurch Gretton in June; they have asked for a small sum to cover printing etc.



























8.1 Choir Stands: MB showed the PCC a photo of the Choir Stands at Charlton Kings (previously circulated by email). The costs for similar ones in St Peter’s would be in the region of £2,500 and would have to be paid for by fund-raising or a legacy.  This project will not proceed at the present time unless the choir wish to take it forward by fundraising.

8.2 Teachers’ House: Covered under 7.3 Budget above.

8.3 Quinquennial Report: Covered under 7.3 Budget above.

8.4 Driveway Update: Nothing new to report: due to be completed in the Spring.

8.5 Streaming: RD explained that the streaming is temporarily back on line. SA and MB attended a meeting this week with the Old School Buildings regarding their repair; discussions regarding cabling going under the drive will take place in due course.

Video link to St Peter’s Centre: RD explained that the distance is too far to just link the video. There is some surplus money in the streaming budget which could be used. JPH recorded thanks to RD for his work on the temporary radio streaming to St Peter’s Centre, which is now working well.    





Draft of New Service Book: JPH circulated the draft booklet (also previously circulated by email). He invited feedback from the PCC when they have read it.



Safeguarding: All PCC members bar one now have their DBS clearance. Lynne Banks has passed on her thanks to everyone.



Health & Safety: Nothing to report.



Youth & Children: Pioneer Minister post discussed above.  

MB informed the PCC about the new children’s area in Church. This is being developed as a result of a seminar she and SA attended. It was suggested that an area be set up to make the Church more welcoming to families. The area immediately to the right of the porch has been set up with a table, chairs, books and colouring activities. Posters have been added to the walls and MB has ordered a carpet. The area is already being well used and received positive feedback at Christmas.



Business from:



13.1 Christ Church, Gretton: SC reported that 110 staff and children from the primary school attended the Christingle Service, 100 attended the Crib Service and 115 attended the Carol Service. GC noted that the school is now much more involved with the Church thanks to SC’s hard work. The celebration of the 150-year anniversary of Christchurch Gretton will be held on the first Sunday in June. Bishop Rachel will be taking the service that morning. The flower arrangers have been researching what flowers would have been used 150 years ago.

Café Church will start on 15th April. SC has provided SDC with clarification of the expenses of £1,100 discussed at the last PCC meeting. This was not covered at the meeting, but is included here for information: The £1,100 is not all ‘new’ money: £90/year is for the maintenance of services which have happened over a number of years, including the Christingle Service, school Carol Service and Crib Service.  The estimated Café Church costs are £30 per month or £360 per year, starting in April 2018. SC has also estimated £30/month (£360/year) to develop Children’s work at Christchurch Gretton, but this is unlikely to happen until January 2019 at the earliest. He has calculated a £300 one-off cost for at least two of the Christchurch congregation to attend a Diocesan Prayer Ministry training event. This is planned to happen in the 2018 financial year. The ‘new’ money needed is therefore estimated at £660 in 2018. Expenses for the development of children’s work would add a further £360, but is unlikely to happen in the 2018 financial year.

GC informed the PCC that the Memorial Service for Norman Bussey will be held on 23rd March; the Church is raising funds for a lectern Bible in his memory.

13.2 St Michael’s, Stanley Pontlarge: RH reported that she is disappointed that there was no mention of the St Michael’s Carol Service (15th December) in the Parish magazine or notice sheet. The number attending was slightly down.

13.3 St Mary’s, Sudeley: Next year’s summer services will be held on 29th April, 27th May, 24th June, 29th July, 26th August and 30th September.

13.4: Steward’s Report: RH read out a report from TH. During 2017 there were 8,917 visitors in total, slightly down on last year. 6,647 of these visitors were from the UK and 2,270 from abroad, representing 52 different countries. The visitor’s map has generated a lot of interest. GA suggested information in other languages be added. There will be a talk for the Stewards on stained glass windows in early June (date to be confirmed). The Friends of St Peters are supporting the expenses.  The talk will be free to the Stewards, but there will be a charge to others.









Dates of Future Meetings:



Forthcoming PCC Meetings in 2018: 19th March, 21st May, 16th July, 10th September, 12th November. (Monday evenings at 7.30 pm in Winchcombe Abbey School).

F&GP Meetings in 2018: 23rd February, 20th April, 15th June, 31st August, 12th October, 7th December; all in SPC at 3.30 pm.

APCM: Sunday 29th April 2018

2018 Dates: 3/6/18: Christ Church, Gretton: 150 year anniversary celebration service.

                    6/7/18: Choir concert

                    7/7/18: Church Fete

8/7/18: Patronal Festival



The meeting closed at 9.40 pm with Prayers & The Grace.



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