January 2017 PCC Meeting

Winchcombe Parochial Church Council

Minutes of the Meeting held on 16th January 2017 at 7.15 pm

at Winchcombe Abbey Primary School.

Present:                  John Paul Hoskins JPH (chair), Geof Adlington GA, Margaret Bearne MB (secretary), Nigel Bearne NB, Stephen Carter SC, Rob Davies RD, Janet Dufton JD (Methodist Observer), Tim Hall TGH, Rosemary Hancock RH, Tom Hancock TH, Sue Pestell SP, Kate Stebbings KS, Trevor Upton TU (Methodist Observer), & Lynne Banks (visitor).

Apologies received from: Stewart Aylward SA, Cliff Cocks CC, Julia Hook JAH, Lynne Horton LH, Margaret Jarvis MJ, James Pickersgill JsP, Arthur Ruddock AR Martin Soltau MS, Susan Teggert ST, Alan Thomas AT, Jane Wain JW.





Opening Prayer & Bible Study:



JPH thanked everyone for coming and welcomed Lynne Banks, our Safeguarding officer, who joined us for the first part of the meeting.  JPH opened the meeting with prayers, which were followed by a study of John 2:1-11.



Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting held on 21.11.2016 were approved Matters Arising: There were no matters arising but JPH said that he had had no response to his request for another rep for ‘Churches Together’.  He is still looking as St Peter’s is under represented.




Consideration of the agenda:

Safeguarding would be brought up the agenda so Lynne Banks, our Safeguarding Officer, can leave afterwards.






 Lynne Banks spoke to us about newly updated information from the Church of England on ‘Safer Recruitment Practice Guidance’.  This guidance, circulated to PCC members, sets out safer recruitment practices for people working or volunteering with children and adults.  The guidance addresses two key areas – the recruitment process and criminal record checks (DBS) and who should undertake a DBS in accordance with their role in our parish.  When recruiting, there should be a discussion/interview with job description followed by a DBS check where necessary.

We were asked to formerly adopt this Guidance as failing to do so could invalidate our insurance.  TGH proposed adoption of the Safer Recruitment Practice Guidance, SP seconded and all agreed.

Lynne has arranged a training on Safeguarding in the parish on Wednesday April 5th 7 pm to 9.30 pm in Abbeyfields Community Centre for members of the PCC and all those working with children and vulnerable adults.

JPH asked if the PCC were happy that Rachel Merritt, the office manager, was circulated with the draft PCC minutes, all agreed.












Correspondence, News & Notices:



5.1 RH reported that 13th November 2017 is the 21st birthday of the Friends of St Peter’s, so watch this space!



Staffing & Appointments:



6.1 JPH is working on succession planning as TGH is stepping down as Churchwarden this year after 6 years and MB has shown a willingness to stand for election as Churchwarden on condition that a new PCC secretary is found.

6.2 JsP is looking actively for a new position as his curacy comes to an end.

6.3 A Team review is taking place, led by Andrew Braddock, Diocesan Director, Mission and Ministry, who has been interviewing various people in our parish and the wider team.  This has been brought about by the retirement of Revd Nick Carter, vicar for the Western group of parishes.  Andrew is due to report back imminently.



Vision & Stewardship



7.1 JPH thanked David Thomas for work on the vision which he continues to focus on.  Several people are involved in looking at the role of the family worker.  JsP is putting together a role description and Sarah Clarkson is looking at other churches who already have family workers.  It is proposed that the ‘Family Worker’ is mainly an outward facing/pioneering position with the aim of growth.  Fliss Hall is working on understanding the parish.

7.2 JPH is having preliminary conversations about the ‘All Age Worship’ service on the first Sunday of each month and whether Sunday morning is the best time for this service or whether a different time on Sunday or indeed a different day would be more socially acceptable.

7.3 Follow up on weddings, baptisms and funerals is also on the agenda with follow-up support groups.

7.4  Members of the pastoral visitors’ team have now undertaken diocesan training in bereavement and Rob Pestell has agreed to supervise their work in this area.  A separate bereavement support group is also being established.

7.5 JPH thanked Morag Adlington for tidying up the back of church and making it a more welcome environment.  The Steward’s desk has helped with this.






8.1 The draft end of year accounts for 2016 were circulated at the meeting and they are looking healthy with a predicted surplus of £14K.  This is half of what we would need to employ a family worker (25K budgeted).

8.2 Gift Aid: After consultation with every registered parish within the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) a unanimous decision was made by the Trustees that parishes would receive the gifts from donors on 10th of each month and the Gift Aid would be sent separately once the PGS has received it from HMRC beginning on 1st April 2017.



St Mary’s, Sudeley:



TGH is in conversation with The Castle and reports that they are very friendly and positive.  They are at present refurbishing their holiday cottages which is the reason they haven’t asked for their chairs to be returned as the furniture from the cottages is being stored where the chairs belong.  They are keen for the services at St Mary’s to go ahead but would like clarity on ownership by the time TGH steps down as churchwarden.






10.1 St Peter’s West-end seating update: 40 chairs and 4 tables have now been ordered and are expected to arrive at the end of February.  A big thank you to The Friends of St Peter’s who have largely funded these.

10.2 St Peter’s Church Drive: The faculty for this work is now through.  AT has applied and is hopeful of getting a £15K grant from the Gloucestershire Environmental Trust and a big thank you was recorded to Rob Stone who is investigating other trusts that can be approached.  It is hoped that we will soon have sufficient money to go ahead.  JPH is to approach the Town Council and update them of our plans.







Teachers House: This property is now re-let on a 6-month contract to the brother of one of our parishioners.  He is undergoing cancer treatment in Cheltenham and needed somewhere to live close by.  He is likely to be staying there until June.



Business from:



12.1 Christ Church, Gretton: KS reported that next year (2018) will be the 150th anniversary of Christ Church and celebration plans are underway.  One thing they are hoping to repair for the celebrations are the corbels for which a faculty will need to be applied for.  TGH apologised for not yet getting around to fixing the rope handrail up the tower.

12.2 St Michael’s, Stanley Pontlarge: RH reported that the tree planting in the Churchyard is now complete as is the magnificent Cotswold stone wall, for which grateful thanks go to the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens who built it.

12.3 St Mary’s, Sudeley: RH said that all the exterior doors of St Mary’s could do with a coat of linseed oil to add protection and wondered if our fabric team would be willing to take this on.

The 6-monthly congregational service is on 13th February at 10.30 am in SPC.

JPH said that record numbers of wedding blessings at St Mary’s are being booked.















13.1 Parish Magazine: More help is urgently required on the editorial team as the present team of 3 would like to stand down in March.

13.2 St Peter’s Stewards: There have been several new volunteers but still more are required to fill the rota.  TH circulated a list of visitors to St Peter’s showing that nearly 10,000 visitors came to St Peter’s during 2016 from all over the world.

13.3 Flowers: RD commented on the beautiful flower arrangements in St Peter’s over Christmas and felt that the Flower Arrangers had excelled themselves.  JPH said that he had thanked them but MB said she would write a thank you letter to Helen Morgan and the team as well.

13.4   JPH reported that we have been invited to form a partnership with the parish of St Stephen’s, San Luis Obispo in our link diocese of El Camino Real in California. Conversations were at an early stage but the initial discussions had been encouraging.

13.5 Structure of PCC Meetings: JPH asked for comments on the structure of the meeting and whether we found the Bibles Study at the beginning useful.  Several people said they liked the Bible Study, that it put them in the right frame of mind and gave them the opportunity to study the Bible.  There was a positive response to the timings on the right-hand side of the agenda.








Dates of Future Meetings:



PCC Meetings in 2017: 20th March, 22nd May, 24th July, 18th September, and 20th November. (Monday evening at 7.15 pm in Winchcombe Abbey School).

F&GP Meetings in 2017 tbc: 10th February, 7th April, 16th June, 1st September, 13th October, 8th December. (3.30 pm in St Peter’s Centre).

Other 2017 Dates: APCM 30th April, Choir Concert 30th June, St Peter’s Summer Fete 2nd July.



The meeting closed at 9.30 pm with the Lord’s Prayer and The Grace.



Approved: _______________________________________________Date: ____________________



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