Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) holds at least 6 meetings each year at which the business of the parish is transacted.  The membership of the PCC (as at August 2017) is set out below (the year in parentheses following each name is the year that they were elected or co-opted).

Clergy (Ex Officio)


John Paul Hoskins (Chair)


Church Wardens (Ex Officio)


Stewart Aylward (2016)

Margaret Bearne (2016)


Elected Parish Representatives


St Peter’s

Geof Adlington (2017) - PCC Treasurer

Steve Carter (2016)

Sara Collins (2017) - PCC Secretary

Robert Davies (2015)

Penelope Kain (2017)

Susan Pestell (2015)

Arthur Ruddock (2015)

Sue Teggert (2016)

Jane Wain (2016)


Stanley Pontlarge

Rosemary Hancock (co-opted 2017 Deputy Warden, Stanley Pontlarge)



Gwyneth Cocks (2017)

Susan Fleck (2017)

Graham Taylor (co-opted 2017 Deputy Warden, Gretton)


Deanery Synod (Ex Officio) (2014)


Nigel Bearne

Tom Hancock (Deputy Churchwarden, Sudeley Manor)

Alan Thomas (Lay Chair)



Methodist Observers


Janet Dufton

Trevor Upton


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May 2017 PCC Emergency Meeting

March 2017 PCC Meeting

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