The Reflective Prayer Group

The Reflective Prayer Group meets at St Peter's Centre each month, usually on the third Monday of the month at 2.00 pm.  The format of the meetings is very simple; there are in a period of 45 minutes three little sessions of silence, each introduced by whoever is leading the group.  The silence gives the opportunity to reflect and to pray silently.  After the silence, we break for a cup of tea and a time of conversation. 

Members of the group find the meetings restful and peaceful.  The pleasant discipline of meeting together gives us the opportunity to draw aside and to be still, an oportunity that we might not make for ourselves, on our own at home.

The group is of course open to all.  There is no need to mention to anyone that you are planning to come; just come and be at home in a group that always offers both a warm welcome and a balance to all the times (valuable in themselves) of weekday spoken prayers that are offered so regularly in St Peter's.  The meetings end in time for parents to collect children from school.

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