Church Choir Associates


We look forward to seeing Associates on the 3rd Sundays of each month, and the Thursdays that come before these!

You can come for just half an hour, or the whole Choir Practice hour, on the Thursdays – whichever suits you best.  The Associates wear Choir sweatshirts.  You will be issued with one.  Please could you mark yours with your name, and wear it each time you come to Choir.

You are also welcome to sing with the Music Group on the 1st Sunday of each month, but the 3rd Sunday is your principal engagement.  If you unavoidably have to miss a 3rd Sunday, you could come on another Thurs+Sun....but NB the music on the 3rd Sunday is set with you in mind, so it is better if you can come then.  Please keep an eye on the Choir Calendar for social activities!

Associates are also invited to take part in the Choir Concert on Friday, 1st July 2016, 7pm, rehearsal probably 5pm (to be confirmed) - see Choir Calendar..

3rd Sundays 9.45-11.45am, and the Thursdays before at 6.15-7.15pm, for Associates:


Thursday, 17th March and Sunday, 20th March

Easter Day is Sunday, 27th March.  Do join in for the items you know on this day as well!

Thursday, 14th April and Sunday, 17th April

Thursday, 12th May and Sunday, 15th May

Thursday, 16th June and Sunday, 19th June

Do join in for the items you know in the Choir Concert on Friday, 1st July!

Thursday, 14th July, and Sunday, 17th July

August is holiday time for the Choir!

Do also join the Music Group and youngest Full Choristers on the 1st Sunday of each month (9.45am) if you would like to do so.

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