Illuminating the Tower

St Peter's winchcombe - floodlit towerAll the comments received about this project have been positive. The Friends of St Peter’s have been working towards this end for some years and they see the project as a very clear link with the town. Whilst not necessarily committed Christians, most residents will have cause to enter the church at some point in their lives and recognise the role this historic building and its cockerel wind vane play as the town’s emblem.

Whilst the installation could have been funded out of savings, it has been a delight to link the project to the memory of Miss Phyllis Kind and to use part of her legacy which made this project feasible. She lived in Church Cottage, opposite St Peter’s, about 100 years ago. She used to come to our summer social events even when she had reached her nineties. The legacy has enabled us to use modern technology; although expensive to install the running costs are low.

The successful design of the lighting was down to Bruce Kirk of Lighting Perceptions our consultant and Hussey Electrics for its installation.   Patrick House (a member of the Friends of St Peter's committee) was responsible for guiding the project through the labyrinth of formalities which included obtaining permission from English Heritage, The Diocese Advisory Committee (DAC) and Tewkesbury Borough Council.
We hope the visible presence of the church at night will bring something to your lives as you go out and about or just focus on it as you drop down into the town.

How to subscribe

We need to be efficient in our booking system. We will leave request cards in the postcard rack in St Peter’s Church, in St Peter's Centre, in the Coventry Building Society. The cards are self explanatory.  It is requested that you give at least two weeks' notice in order for us to make the necessary arrangements. Occasionally we can arrange lightings in a shorter time but this is not to be recommended and lightings cannot be guaranteed.

We also operate an 'annual standing order' system which, once set up, saves you the trouble of rearranging each year.
THINK! one evening gives pleasure this way to all as well as those to whom it is special and costs less than a bunch of flowers and many boxes of chocolates!

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