Friends of St Peter's

The Friends of St Peter's was launched in 1996 to provide financial help for the preservation, repairs and maintenance of the fabric & fittings of St Peter's Church, Winchcombe in the Diocese of Gloucester.  Our patron is Lady Ashcombe of Sudeley Castle, and the president and co-vice-presidents are the Bishops of Gloucester, the Bishop of Tewkesbury, Sir John Adye and Mrs Christine Lainé.  The current chairman is Mrs Rosemary Hancock. You can read more about what we have achieved by browsing some of our recent reports on our Archives page.  Our most recent event was Gardens Open held on Sunday 9 June 2019 and our annual Autumn Lecture on Friday 11 October.

St Peter's Church is historically one of the most significant and important buildings in Winchcombe (a brief history can be found here) and as such imposes an obligation for those who recognise and enjoy the value of its presence to hand it on to the next generation in equally good order – after all, we did receive it free.  We of this generation are its custodians, and we the Friends have been able – through our annual subscriptions, gifts and fund-raising activities – to help finance essential work on the church roof and other high-profile projects.  We have retained a substantial balance from these sources to support the future needs of St Peter's, because our purpose and commitment is not only to help with major projects.  There will be a never-ending need for our support for the fabric, fittings and churchyard of this splendid building in the heart of Winchcombe. A recent initiative by the Friends allows the tower of St Peter's to be floodlit to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and the like.  This is available to anyone, not just to members of the Friends scheme - more information about this, as well as where to find forms to request floodlighting, can be found here.

Whether you see St Peter's as the focal point of Christian worship in the town for over five hundred years, or simply as an historic building or tourist attraction, we need your support.  So why not join us?  Membership of the Friends is open to all (Christians and non-Christians, users and non-users).  You can subscribe whatever sum you think is appropriate for you, subject to a minimum annual subscription (£7.50 single, £12.00 joint or £15.00 for a family membership).  

If you have any further enquiries on membership or other Friends-related matters, please write to:

Friends of St Peter's Church
St Peter's Centre
Gloucester Street
GL54 5LU

01242 602067


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