Confirmation signifies the marker in the Christian journey at which people affirm for themselves the faith into which you have been baptized, as an adult or a child, and the intention to live a life of committed discipleship following in the way of Christ. Many who have been baptised as children particularly find this a very significant part in their life, as they commit themselves afresh to God.

This affirmation is confirmed through prayer and the laying on of hands by the confirming bishop. The Church also asks God to give you power through the Holy Spirit to enable you to live in the way of Jesus.

At St Peter’s, we aim to give you the opportunity to explore your faith further in preparation for the confirmation service, which is either held in St Peter’s (the last one being in October 2015) or in Gloucester Cathedral. In our travels through life we are often confronted with big questions and through an affirming and encouraging 6 week course either side of the service, we aim to learn together more of the essentials of the Christian faith.

For more information or if you would like to discuss it further, please contact a member of clergy who would be delighted to talk with you further.  You may also like to look at the relevant pages on the main Church of England website at:

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