September 2016 PCC Meeting

Synopsis of the September 2016 PCC Meeting

Lynne Banks came to talk to the PCC about Safeguarding as she and JP had recently completed the annual audit.  Safeguarding training is taking place shortly for the Pastoral Visitors and this may be rolled out for other groups of volunteers such as those working with young people.

The Annual Safeguarding Policies for children and vulnerable adults were adopted and are displayed in the porch of St Peter’s and Christ Church as well as in the safeguarding file in St Peter’s Centre and on the website.

We were told about future curacies, as James is expected to be leaving us next summer.  Sue Pestell, who has just started the West of England Ministerial Training Course (WEMTC), can anticipate being ordained as a deacon in 2019 and as a priest the following year.  Sue has a strong sense of calling to serve her curacy in Winchcombe and the PCC approved a resolution welcoming her as an assistant curate in the Parish of Winchcombe.

Fliss Hall and Chris Haslem have just begun their final year on the WEMTC and expect to be licensed as Readers this time next year.  Nigel Sharp, who was a licensed Reader in the Diocese of Chelmsford, has recently moved into Winchcombe with his wife Dot.  He is now ready to be licensed as a Reader in the Diocese of Gloucester.  The PCC is pleased to support Nigel and will welcome his ministry here in Winchcombe.

JP has also applied for a stipendiary assistant curate in 2018.  It is likely that this will gain approval but that only means that we are added to a long list.  There are usually twice as many potential training parishes as there are ordinands.

Three Deputy Wardens were appointed for the year they being:
        Graham Taylor, Christ Church, Gretton,
        Rosemary Hancock, St Michael’s, Stanley Pontlarge, and
        Tom Hancock, St Mary’s, Sudeley.
Tim Hall thanked them for the work they did in supporting the Churchwardens.

Nigel Bearne updated the meeting about recruitment for the position of part-time Office Manager at St Peter’s Centre.  There were two good candidates and the interviews are taking place on 5th October.  By the time this goes to print it is hoped that the successful person will be in place.

JP summarised the Parish Vision outlining our plans and priorities for the future.  These plans are the result of a core group of people working together over the summer and JP is grateful to David Thomas who facilitated the process.  It is hoped that we will be able to afford a full-time Family Worker as well as the Office Manager and to this end it is hoped that the Stewardship Campaign will increase our income by £60,000.

On the fabric front the 40 upholstered chairs and 4 tables are ready to be ordered and are waiting approval from the Diocesan Advisory Committee.  Progress on the Driveway is moving forward.  The PCC agreed unanimously to go out to tender for the work and to apply for a faculty at the same time.

Finally we were told that a St Peter’s Maintenance Day is being planned for the morning of Saturday 26th November, similar to the one we had last year.

Margaret Bearne

PCC Secretary

Parochial Church Council
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