Church Choir Calendar


We sing a variety of repertoire, old and new, various styles, including some of the great classics (e.g. Hallelujah Chorus from 'Messiah' – Handel).  New members welcomed, especially TENORS!

We follow the Royal School of Church Music Voice for Life scheme.

Regular Services and practices:
8-18s 6:15-7:15pm (scouts 6-7)
Adults 6:40-7:45pm
Practice + Service 9:45-11:45am
Adults: sometimes also
Choral Evensong - Practice + Service 5:45-7:30pm
1st Sunday of the month:
Year 7/8 and younger + Associates (see below) + Music Group 9.45-11.30am (All-Age Worship)
Year 8/9 + older 5:45-7:30pm (Choral Evensong)
3rd Sunday of the month and the Thursday before:

Associates also attend Thurs. 6:15 and Sun. 9:45

Occasional Evening services for all – e.g. at Easter and the Carol Services.

Sometimes we provide music for weddings on Saturdays
(dates sent via e-mail to Choir members).

Adult members all attend on Thursdays, but some choose to sing at one rather than two services on Sundays.

Those able to make only a once/twice-a-month commitment (e.g. young children and parents of young children) can join the Associate Choir (3rd Sun + 1st if they choose).


Some noteworthy dates!


The dates in bold include services at times that will be different from what you expect!  Other services as normal.

Sunday 5th November: All Saints Service; practice 9:45am, service 10:30am; FULL CHOIR plus Associates.
No evening service in St Peter's.

Sunday 12th November: Remembrance Service; practice 9:40am before walking to Abbey Terrace; FULL CHOIR plus Associates.
Evensong as normal for Adults (even though 2
nd Sunday).

Sunday 19th November: All Services as normal.

Sunday 26th November: Adult Evensong at Christ Church, Gretton; their Patronal Festival; normal times.

Sunday 3rd December: ADVENT CAROL SERVICE; practice 5:30pm, service 6:30pm; FULL CHOIR plus Associates (who feel comfortable with the music).

Tuesday 5th December: Carol Singing outside Methodist Church (late night shopping); 7:00pm to 7:30pm.

Sunday 17th December: No choir required am.
CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE; practice 5:00pm, service 6:30pm; FULL CHOIR plus Associates (who feel comfortable with the music).

Thursday 21st December: Junior Choristers' Christmas Party
in Methodist Church Hall; 7:15pm to 9:00pm.

Sunday 24th December: Midnight Service; probably 11:30pm, practice 45 mins. before; Guests + some over-18s (please divide between this & Christmas morning service).

Monday 25th December (CHRISTMAS DAY): Some over-18s + all Junior Choristers + Associates.

Thursday 28th December: No choir practice.

Sunday 31st December: No choir required.


Friday 9th January: Adults' Dinner at Corner Cupboard;
time to be arranged.

Saturday 10th March: Trampolining;
further details to be arranged.

Saturday 2nd June: Sing Evensong at Bristol Cathedral;
practice1:30pm, service 3:30pm.

Friday 6th July: Choir Concert;
further details to be arranged.


Saturday 31st August to 1st September: Sing Services at Exeter Cathedral.

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